Wednesday, 27 November 2013


This year is my first year of living in London and of course I'm desperate to experience it in all its Christmassy glory. 

So, naturally, I went to Covent Garden and it was beautiful. 

The quaint English charm Covent Garden already has compliments perfectly the twinkling lights that adorn shop windows. Inside the market area hangs huge red baubles, reflecting the light so they sparkle, whilst the stalls beneath sell everything interesting, charming and unusual; obviously perfect for Christmas gifts. 

There's something about Covent Garden where, despite brands like MAC and Dior staring out at you, you still feel you're taking a trip back in time (probably something to do with the cobbled streets.) 

Just to add to it a glittering gold carriage was parked up outside the market, with a man doing a marvellous job of impersonating its Victorian driver and offering people rides - magical! 

Next on my list, Hyde Park Winter Wonderland...

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  1. nice pictures

  2. I love your blog